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McGuire Senate Champion for LD8 Set for Re-election Bid

Senator McGuire Named Outstanding Legislator

2014 Arizona legislative session ends in success for District 8

Kearny (June 24,2014)- LD8’s first senator and most experienced legislator, Senator Barbara McGuire announces her bid for re-election, having met the signature requirement, nearly out doubling the signatures of her would-be opponents to be on the 2014 ballot for re-election as Senator for LD8.

As one of the largest legislative districts in the country, LD8 has a population around 250,000, and includes much of Pinal County including Casa Grande and San Tan and the Copper Corridor communities of Superior, Kearny, San Manuel and Oracle and Globe and Miami in Pinal and Gila counties, and the Gila River Indian Community. Strategically positioned for growth, LD8 is between Tucson and Phoenix. LD8 is home to corrections, copper, light manufacturing, retirees, agriculture, ranching, tourism and more.

The 2013/4 legislative term was very productive. “For the most part, in 2013 the bipartisan coalition for LD8 created landmark beneficial results including saving rural hospitals, and in both 2013 and 2014, infusing more money into the public school system, attacking illegal dumping, and transaction tax collection reform.  Senator McGuire brought over $5.5 million dollars to smaller counties, including Pinal and Gila Counties from lotto funds.  These funds were useful for sheriff’s department, roads, and other purposes. In 2014, McGuire was able to help pass CPS (Child Protective Services) reform, get legislation for refinancing of sewage infrastructure and the restoration of university extension funds and other beneficial legislation, including getting CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) in schools for Arizona. McGuire is also proud to have helped defeat harmful legislation to Arizona as in the discriminatory SB1062.

Senator McGuire has been hard at work on many issues including the creation of jobs through supporting and working towards the opening of the Resolution Copper Project at Superior. At the request of the business community, and cities and towns, Senator McGuire worked diligently helping perfect the reform of the transaction tax (TPT) to help retain revenue that would otherwise be lost to cities and towns. Senator McGuire also helped pass the Medicaid expansion to save communities' hospitals and the jobs of those who work there.

McGuire’s campaign chair since 2007, Tom Elliott said “Senator McGuire has proven herself effective having bills signed by governors of both parties. She has responded with vigor to constituent issues as always. She is the only Arizona born individual in the race with family ties dating back to the 1800s in the Arizona Territory.” McGuire said, “I was born in District 8 and plan to remain in District 8 forever. I have always been here for my beloved district and will always be here for the people of LD8, watching out for them and addressing their concerns and needs.”

McGuire was voted Rural Liaison by her caucus, a new Senate democratic leadership position. McGuire has been named “Outstanding Legislator of the Year” by both the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, respectively.  She was recognized as a Friend of the League of Cities and Towns.  Senator McGuire has been a Salvation Army Extension Director for several communities for 25 years. She is also a former business owner, school district employee, member and past member of LD8 chambers of commerce and holds the rank of honorary Major in the Civil Air Patrol.


Senator McGuire, both as a State Representative and currently as a Senator, has earned the endorsement of teachers, labor, public safety, senior citizens, media and more. This includes groups as the NRA, the Arizona Education Association (AEA), and many more.

Senator Barbara McGuire, the senior most experienced member of the LD8 delegation, asks for your continued support and urges citizens to get out and vote.


For interviews please contact Senator Barbara McGuire’s campaign office at (520) 363-5002 or email media inquiries to barbmcguire@hotmail.com.  Follow Senator McGuire on Facebook, Twitter and SenatorMcGuire.com and AZLeg.gov.



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