October 5, 2016

Senator McGuire,

The Human Rights Campaign is excited to inform you of our endorsement of your candidacy for Arizona State Senate in LD8. 

We are excited to work with you over the coming weeks on your campaign. Our endorsements come with no financial commitment, however, our endorsement allows us to inform and mobilize our members to support your candidacy via email, phone and text.

Included on this message are HRC National Field Director Marty Rouse and HRC Regional Field Director Hope Wisneski. Please contact us with any further questions about your endorsement.
Congratulations on your endorsement and thank you for your commitment to LGBTQ equality in Arizona. We look forward to working with you!










Senator Barbara McGuire
Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2016 9:06
345 E. Palm Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85004

June 9, 2016

Dear Senator McGuire,

I am pleased to inform you that the Arizona Education Association Fund for Public Education, AEA's PAC, has proudly recommended you as a Friendly Incumbent legislative candidate for the Arizona Legislature in LD 8. We look forward to working with you as a recommended candidate to achieve victory in both the 2016 Primary and General Elections.

The AEA will make multiple contacts with our members to share our recommended legislative candidates. We will publish our candidate recommendations in The Advocate, our association magazine. In addition, we will include you as a pro-public education incumbent candidate on multiple direct mailings and in our other election communications and voter outreach strategies. AEA members outperform the general voting population significantly; we will encourage our members to remember and support candidates who truly support public schools, students, and those who educate and steward them.

If you would like to meet with our members from your area or share your volunteer needs with our members, please contact Stacey Morley via email at Stacey.Morley@arizonaea.org or by phone at 602-407-2309. Stacey will assist you in contacting our staff, local association leaders, and members in your district.

If you are a Clean Elections candidate and need help collecting your $5 contributions, please let Stacey know. If you are running traditional, you will receive a contribution from the AEA Fund for Public Education subsequent to its June 22 meeting.

We look forward to working with you and are honored to recommend your candidacy.


Andrew F. Morrill, Chair
AEA Fund for Public Education


August 5, 2016



Senator Barbara McGuire 


Dear Senator McGuire:


I am pleased to inform you that you have been endorsed by AZ NOW PAC in your race for Arizona Senate, LD 18. A review of your positions on the issues of importance to NOW and the women of Arizona (including reproductive freedom and equality of treatment and opportunity for all people) indicates that you share NOW's values and will support our issues.


As a NOW endorsed candidate you are free to use our name on your literature, website, social media, etc., and in any other communications with voters. NOW members in Arizona are being informed of your status as an endorsed candidate. We strongly encourage our members to vote for our endorsed candidates and to volunteer for their campaigns.


A copy of your completed survey is attached for your reference. If you have any questions concerning your endorsement or Arizona NOW, please contact me.


I want to sincerely thank you for making the effort to run for public office and wish you good luck on your campaign.




Kathryn Baumgardner


AZ NOW PAC Coordinator

PO Box 45558

Phoenix, AZ 85064




September 15. 2016


The Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee (AzNA-PAC) is pleased to inform you that AzNA-PAC will endorse your general election race.

AzNA-PAC is organized for the purpose of advancing nursing and health care in the state of Arizona. In carrying out that purpose, we endeavor to educate candidates and legislators about professional nursing and general health care issues. We hope that you will use the Arizona Nurses Association as a resource for learning about nursing issues and health care from the unique perspective that only registered nurses can provide. We appreciate your interest in nurses, and your willingness to work with us to improve the health care of the people of Arizona.

This endorsement will be disseminated to nurses in Arizona through our communication channels and posted on the Arizona Nurses Associate website.

We wish you luck in your campaign.


Kellie Engen, RN, BSN




Last week, we celebrated our endorsed candidates who won tough primary elections. Now, it's back to work.

We're standing behind progressive pro-choice Democratic women. We can turn the Arizona Senate blue by winning these key districts:


After great discussion and deliberation, we have decided the following persons/parties are deserving of the support of our organization:

State Senator; District No. 8; Democratic; Kearny


Dear Ms. McGuire:

On behalf of the Arizona Academy of Family Physician's (AzAFP) Family Medicine Committee, I am pleased to inform you that The Family Medicine Committee*, a campaign committee affiliated with the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians, enthusiastically endorses you and your campaign for Arizona Legislature- 2016! You are welcome to use our logo (attached) and/or our name on your promotional materials and/or your website, mailings, etc. The AzAFP is a professional association representing 1500 Family Physicians, resident physicians and medical students in Arizona. We are a state chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) that represents more than 101,000 Family Physicians nationwide.

Together with our parent organization the AAFP we can offer many helpful resources to you during the legislative session. I encourage you to visit the Robert Graham Center for Health Policy's website which can map out Arizona health professional shortage areas (HPSA) as well as its Physician Scarcity Areas (PSA) http://www.graham-center.org/rgc/home.html once you create a FREE account. This website will possibly be useful to you and your staff as a resource for understanding some of the more complex issues in primary care such as graduate medical education funding and primary care research. Also I invite you to visit www.aafp.org which has many interesting fact sheets and information about Family Medicine and primary care.

We have much work to do to rebalance the primary care workforce in Arizona to ensure that these medical students have the opportunity to remain in our state for residency training. Our mission is to enhance the health of the people of Arizona and we welcome your partnership in this endeavor. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions (Edward.paul@dignityhealth.org). We are represented by lobbyist, Susan Cannata, JD so you may also contact her at any time(SCannata@pcmlawaz.com).


Ed Paul, MD, Chair, AzAFP Family Medicine Committee
Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
*The AzAFP has set up a $500 threshold committee in order to comply with Arizona Law the Family Medicine Committee (committee I.D. 201600609)


Dear Senator McGuire,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee has endorsed you as a candidate for the upcoming election. We are truly excited to support you in this effort and are pleased to assist in any manner possible!

As an endorsed candidate, your name will be listed on the member's only section of the NASW Arizona Chapter website.

Upon communicating endorsements to Arizona social workers, the PACE committee will also help to mobilize voters to support endorsed candidates through donations, volunteering, and voter mobilization (get out the vote) efforts. The PACE Committee will also review its list of endorsed candidates for opportunities for direct campaign contributions.

We thank you for your dedication to crafting public policy at the state level and we appreciate your support of the National Association of Social Worker's goals and mission.


Imelda Ojeda, MSW, MPA
PACE Co-Chair
National Association of Social Workers - Arizona Chapter


Dear Barbara:

This is a confirmation that you have received the Arizona Women's Political Caucus endorsement for your race for the Arizona Senate in LD 8.

As you are aware, AWPC is not a PAC and we cannot offer you a financial contribution. However we encourage our members to provide support for our endorsed candidates.

We appreciate your support of our issues and wish you success in your campaign!


Pat Wiedhopf
Endorsement Committee Coordinator
Arizona Women's Political Caucus


August 19, 2016

Dear Barbara McGuire,

On behalf of the Communications Workers of America Arizona State Council, I would

like to congratulate you on receiving our endorsement for State Senate in Legislative

District 8 in the 2016 election.

The CWA Arizona State Council voted to endorse your candidacy based on your commitment to the issues most important to working families. 

This official endorsement represents more than 4,000 CWA members and families here

in Arizona. We are committed in our support and look forward to a successful campaign.

We wish you the best and ask that you not hesitate to call upon us for assistance.


Shad Ercanbrack


CWA AZ State Council


Subject:Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council Endorsement

The Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council (AZBTC)- a labor organization comprised of affiliated construction trade organizations representing more than 11,000 construction workers in Arizona endorses your 2016 campaign.

Please note that this letter is official notification that you may print our endorsement or list the Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council as an endorser of your candidacy.

Thank you for your support for policies that create union jobs and support the Arizona middle class.The AZBTC will strongly support any project that will create high-quality union construction jobs.

Thank you again for your commitment to Arizona working families. We wish you the best in this election and look forward to helping you succeed.


Subject: UA Local 469 Endorsement


The Arizona Pipe Trades 469 Political Action Committee (PAC) is proud to endorse your candidacy. Please note that this letter is an official notification that you may print our endorsement or list the Arizona Pipe Trades Local 469 PAC as a supporter of your candidacy.

As an endorsed candidate, you will receive our enthusiastic backing of your campaign. We will provide you with the following support:

Publish our endorsement of you in our statewide newsletter

Post a link to your website on the 469 PAC website and Facebook page

Publish our endorsement of you in the 469 PAC E-newsletter

Thank you again for your participation! We wish you the best in this election season and look forward to helping you succeed.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Barbara McGuire 2016